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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Flip Cloth Diapers - Our go to travel cloth

Here is another way to cloth diaper that we've tried.  Basically, the Flip is like a pocket diaper without the pocket....if that makes sense.  The Flip cover is made of the same PUL material that a pocket diaper has as the outer layer.  It differs from a pocket because there is no fleece on the inside of the diaper.  You simply lay the inserts right inside the Flip and put on baby. 

Green Flip (without inserts) on left. Nubunz pocket on right.

The Flip cover is a one size diaper with snaps on the front just like my one size pocket diapers.  The inserts which come with the Flip are long, allowing you to fold them in front for additional absorbency there for a boy, or fold them in the back for additional absorbency there for a girl.  If you have a tummy napping girl, you can fold the inserts up in the front during nap time.  It just depends on what you find works for you. 
We bought two Flips for our summer vacation to New York.  We hate disposables.  I can't believe we used disposables only on our firstborn, Logan.  We used disposables on both Kian and Felicity on our winter trip to Disneyland and they seriously leaked out of EVERY single diaper.  I'm amazed I had enough clothes to last the day for them.  We feared this happening on the plane to New York and so did NOT want to use disposables.  The Flip was a nice compromise because it comes with the option of disposable inserts.  We didn't take our cloth to New York because of luggage room, but also because we didn't know if you are allowed to wash cloth diapers in public laundry mats. 
We ended up really liking the Flips for traveling.  They never leaked.  The Flip cover can be used multiple times with new inserts at each changing.  I know, I was skeptical at first too, but it works!  So in the airplane, I'd throw out the little disposable inserts, put new ones in the same Flip cover, and put it back on Kian.  This ended up taking up less room to pack in the diaper bag than even disposables would have.  I checked at each change to make sure no moisture had gotten on the Flip cover and even though it never did, I usually wiped the inside down with my wipe really quickly.  The other benefit to traveling with the Flip is that I easily hand washed the Flip cover in the bathroom sink at night with a little soap and hot water.  I hung it on the shower curtain rod overnight and in the morning it was dry and ready to use.  I know it sounds weird but I'm telling you, except for the one time Kian had upset stomach poop, nothing ever leaked out of the inserts and onto the Flip cover.  Oh, and I didn't hand wash after the upset stomach poop....don't worry. 
The disposable inserts are less waste than a disposable diaper but if you even want to be more green, you can use the Flip cover with the Gdiaper biodegradable inserts.  I did this in New York as well.  Every part of the Gdiaper biodegradable insert is....well....biodegradable.  The wet inserts can even be composted, though I don't personally love the idea of having human waste of any kind in my compost.  Its a nice feature though.  Regardless, you can throw it out in the trash and it is completely healthy for our landfills.  It is also flushable if you want to go to the trouble of pulling apart the front layer from the back.  Actually, I shouldn't say trouble as I've never done it.  Our toilet is finicky and I don't flush anything more than T.P. so I haven't tried it.
As I mentioned in my pocket diaper post, you have to figure out which style of cloth diapering works best for your lifestyle.  For us, the Flip is only useful for travel.  You may wonder why someone would use disposable inserts in a cloth diaper cover instead of just using disposable diapers for every day use.  But we all have different needs.  For example, I think the Flip would work great for my missionary friend in the Philippines who has to burn all their trash (making disposables questionable), but fears the wet, muggy weather will make drying cloth diapers hard.  In this case, the Flip would be great.  There would be less to burn than a disposable if she used the disposable inserts.  And if she used the Gdiaper biodegradable inserts, they could just bury or compost most of them.  The downside is that the biodegradable and disposable inserts aren't too cheap.  But even if she put the microfiber inserts in the Flip, there would still be less to wash and dry than say a pocket diaper.  Pocket diapers even dry faster than All in One Fitted diapers (which I won't post too much about since I haven't personally used them).  All in One Fitted cloth diapers are made to be like disposables in the sense that they are just one piece.  No pocket full of inserts.  But because they are one piece, they are made up of TONS of layers of absorbent fabric sewed together.  I hear they take longer to dry for that reason.
We haven't used our Flips since getting back from New York but I do plan on using them while camping next month.  Again, they will be less bulk to pack as I will only take two covers, and I can just throw the Gdiaper inserts right into the trash.  Easy and green cloth diapering while traveling!

As a side note, the Flip cover is like any one size diaper cover in the sense that you can put it on top of anything.  Heck, I could lay an old fashioned prefold in there if I wanted to.  If time allows, I'd like to try sewing a diaper myself and using the Flip as the waterproof outer diaper cover layer.  I'll post that if I get around to it, but I just wanted to mention that here because its just another feature of the Flip.

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