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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mama Made Diapers

Back in the beginning of the 2nd trimester (I think) I nested by sewing up loads of diapers.  Somewhere along the way, the diaper nesting phase wore off.  I think it had to do with my fear of all these little diapers not working well.  :)  Well, I was sick and tired of all these tiny dipes looking at me PAINFULLY close to being finished.  So I took an evening this week to cut out the last of the soakers, and another evening to go up to my mom's and zip them through her serger, and finally, Arrow's NB Mama made diaper stash is done!

 The first 13 diapers were made using the free Darling Diaper pattern.  They are all flannel inside and out, with a sewn in terry/flannel soaker.
The last 13 were made using the free Baa Baa Baby two sized fitted diaper pattern.  I really like the idea of this pattern since it can grow with baby a bit past the NB stage, and I really hope they work well.  These are all flannel inside and out with a terry soaker that lays in the diaper and is just attached at the back so that it can flap out for faster line drying.
**Note, if you follow the links, there is also a tutorial that went along with this pattern.  I didn't link it because I did not use it.  I used this pattern but sewed the diapers in the same fashion as the Darling Diapers above.**
And here's all 26 of them.  I estimate that this NB stash cost me $8!!!  I was handed down TONS of small flannel scraps back at the beginning of the year.  I make PJs out of flannel for the kids all year round, but these scraps were too tiny for that.  So I used them for diapers.  Material = free.  I had tons of elastic on hand, but figured I bought a few packs so that added a few bucks.  Even thread was free because my mom scored a bag full at the thrift and shared the love.  I also inherited toweling along with the flannel so I used that, some old towels, and three bought towels for the soakers.  The three bought towels added up to $3.  Talk about cheap diapering!!!  Even the snappies that will be used with these, and the prorap covers were "bought" at our local consignment shop (new) with credit I had, also making them free.  Wipes were made from the scraps to up our supply.  This kind of thrifty sewing THRILLS me.  I almost can't wait for someone to tell me cloth diapering actually doesn't save money.  Look out!
And yes, I get that a lot.
Since all the fabric was handed down, it was definitely not all my style.  But no complaints.  As my mom says, "they're just to catch crap right"?  Right.
But here are my favorites.
I'm glad to have them done.
Now wish me luck that they'll actually work!

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