After 5 years of being a stay-at-home mom, I found the wonder of mothering slowly starting to get crowded out by the mundane feeling. I realized our world seems to surround people with the negative, and complaining about blessings seems totally acceptable. So I decided to fight against that "normalcy" and focus only on the positive. I look back to my first year as a mom when everything was new and keeping house was fun and I aim to have that attitude again. This blog is my outlet to showcase the daily miracles that surround me in my blessed life as a stay-at-home mom so that I will never forget the wonder of it all.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Texture Play

I've done texture play with my kids ever since Logan was the size of Kian in the above picture.  The kids love it, it's easy to find the supplies on hand, and it's great for preschoolers.  I basically just fill a bowl with a substance, provide plenty of spoons, containers, and other kitchen gadgets, and go grab time to fold laundry while they go at it.  Oh, and before I get to my laundry, we talk about what it feels like, smells like, and if applicable, what it tastes like.  That's why texture play is a great preschool activity.  It's a lesson in the senses.

I think this day they were playing with baby powder.  I have had a lot sitting around from our pre cloth diapering days.  They sure smelled good after they were done.

Felicity discovered that baby powder makes good clouds.


  1. Texture play is something I have heard of, but never really offered to Finn (unless you count play dough!). Maybe on the next day we have some outside time I will set something like that up for him. I focus a lot on seeing, hearing, tasting and even smelling, but often forget to encourage him to feel things. Actually, I feel like I am oftentimes telling him NOT to touch things! Yikes!

  2. oh my, this looks like so much fun!
    What beautiful children- with stunning hair!