After 5 years of being a stay-at-home mom, I found the wonder of mothering slowly starting to get crowded out by the mundane feeling. I realized our world seems to surround people with the negative, and complaining about blessings seems totally acceptable. So I decided to fight against that "normalcy" and focus only on the positive. I look back to my first year as a mom when everything was new and keeping house was fun and I aim to have that attitude again. This blog is my outlet to showcase the daily miracles that surround me in my blessed life as a stay-at-home mom so that I will never forget the wonder of it all.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

An Experiment With Fire

 One morning, as I was lighting a fire, Logan started asking questions about which things would burn and which wouldn't.  I decided to do an impromptu science experiment with he and Felicity.  We gathered a few items and one by one, added them to the fire.  The kids sat and watched as the items burned, or didn't.  In the picture below you can see their rocks we added.  If you look really closely, you can also see a nail sticking out of the top right piece of wood.  Both were part of our experiment.

Here are the kids watching their items burning (or not).  You can also see that Logan has a list in front of him.  We made two tables on two separate pieces of paper.  I didn't take a picture of them because, well, I'm being lazy.  On one table we made a grid and listed the items we planned to burn, and each of our guesses.....yes (it would burn), or no.  Our second table was actually two circles.  One was labeled "Burned," and one was labeled "Did Not Burn."  After observing the items in the fire, we added them into their appropriate circle.  Some things we had to have patience for, such as the rocks and nails.  They required the fire to completely die out so we could rummage around in the ashes to find them.  Other objects, such as rosemary, paper, clothes pins, and pine cones burned quickly.  Still other objects, such as pomegranates, definitely burned, but pretty slowly.

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