After 5 years of being a stay-at-home mom, I found the wonder of mothering slowly starting to get crowded out by the mundane feeling. I realized our world seems to surround people with the negative, and complaining about blessings seems totally acceptable. So I decided to fight against that "normalcy" and focus only on the positive. I look back to my first year as a mom when everything was new and keeping house was fun and I aim to have that attitude again. This blog is my outlet to showcase the daily miracles that surround me in my blessed life as a stay-at-home mom so that I will never forget the wonder of it all.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Handmade Holiday 2010

I'm so excited to be joining in with Tonya of Plain and Joyful living with her Handmade Holiday project.  I just ran across her amazing blog yesterday.  It's listed in my side bar if you want to check it out.  I've been working on my own handmade Christmas for a few weeks now, not knowing that there are groups of woman/families online doing the same thing and joining groups to share and showcase their handmade gifts.  How wonderful!  So I joined right up and finished my first project last night.  I don't have pics yet because I just hate taking pics in my dark house at midnight.  They look so blah, but that's when I get all my sewing done.  So I will take pictures soon and post them here.  In the meantime, I just wanted to share Tonya's blog with you and just share how excited I am to not be the only one out there who thinks her kids are perfectly fine with handmade gifts instead of loads of store bought stuff.


  1. super cool.
    d just said he'd love to just live off our own little space of land.
    chickens, baking, gardens, etc.
    gonna bookmark her blog for continued inspiration.

  2. Oh Kim, the two of you need to read her posts on their journey...both parts. This has always been our dream too but we have gotten discouraged and drawn away from it until reading her blog and others like it. Now we are dreaming again. :)