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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lazy Days Skirts

I've seen a lot of people sewing with Oliver + S patterns.  I've been kind of interested in checking out the patterns, but I'm not fond of patterns in general.  Then on SouleMama's blog, I saw that she had made her little girl Oliver + S's "Lazy Days Skirt" pattern, and she mentioned it was FREE!  My kind of deal.  So I headed over to Oliver + S and not only was the "Lazy Days Skirt" pattern free, it was also not a pattern but more of a tutorial.  SWEET!  My kind of sewing.  I whipped two up that afternoon.  It was amazingly easy.  I literally read through the tutorial one time and then set to it.  It was so simple, I didn't have to read through the tutorial again.  That's sewing at its finest for me.  Simple and free.
I had been wanting to make Felicity some skirts that she could wear this spring with tights and sweaters, and then into the summer with just T shirts.  The Lazy Days Skirt is the perfect fit.  I had to contain myself and not whip her up an entire wardrobe of skirts that night.

She calls this one her "Apple" skirt.
The print is actually called "Poppies."  But Felicity says apple, so it's her apple skirt.

And this is her hedgehog skirt.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this fabric.  In fact it might be my 2nd favorite fabric ever.  My favorite fabric ever was used to make these pants for Kian.  I paid way too much for it though, in my opinion. I'm a thrifty fabric junky.  BUT, I've never regretted that purchase as I keep using the smallest scraps for little things like this.

Felicity loves when I make her clothes.  Or anything really.  But she loves clothes and I've just started dabbling in the sewing of clothes.  She loved these skirts so much that I used them as nap incentives.  I haven't been getting naps out of her for a while.  I don't mind that, but I'd like her to have quiet time in her room every afternoon.  She had been making lots of noise during quiet time, which kept all potential nappers awake.  I told her that if she was loud, I'd come take the skirt right off her.  She was loud, I followed through, and she was VERY upset to have lost the privilege to wear her mama made skirt.  So, she quieted down to try to earn her skirt back, and ended up taking a nap!  Let's just say I was very happy to give her the skirt back once she woke and this technique has been used just a few times since.

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  1. I'm so excited to make this!

  2. Heather, please send me pics when you do. I can't wait to see them on Macy!

  3. cute skirts! that hedgehog fabric is adoooorable :)

  4. Jenny, I so love these skirts- they are so adorable! And that little girl is pretty darn adorable too. . . :)

  5. Very cute! I hope you'll try one of our patterns sometime, too. I think you might be surprised!

  6. Liesl, after looking through most of the flikr pics, I sure do want to try one of your patterns. I've heard they are so easy to follow. Sounds like a good starting point for me as far as sewing with patterns goes. The few times I've sewn with patterns it was like translating a different language. I didn't know why they couldn't just make it simple. I've heard other first time pattern users say the same thing but say that your patterns are not like that and are very easy to understand. Now to just decide which dress to pick!